I have lived on my own since high school and I was in the middle of college when I quit. There was no way I would have graduated had I not. I got in great physical shape for the first time in my life.

  • I’ve said goodbye to relationships that held me back and hello to ones that push me to be the best version of myself.
  • But the real truth was that my addiction to you was always in charge.
  • I was calling into work and had my fellow employees so concerned that they called for a welfare check.
  • You were what brought me to my lowest; you were what took away my control.
  • I’m gonna really miss you when I fire up the grill.
  • You used to be all I ever thought about.

It has been a long rollercoaster relationship with you, especially these last 10 years. I have known for a long time that you were https://ecosoberhouse.com/ not good for me to be around. But I needed you so much, and you were always there. You were a comfort when I had a bad day.

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The only way to fight back and keep you out of my life, is to never see you again at all. Because once I let you step foot in front of me with those open arms, I will fall for you all over again. This subreddit is a place to motivate each other to control or stop drinking. Please post only when sober; you’re welcome to read in the meanwhile. If the conscious need and desire for sobriety was all it took I’d be sober.

  • Remember the first time we got together?
  • My husband and I tried a few times to quit together without any outside help and those times never lasted very long.
  • I once thought that I could not make it without you.
  • There is a saying that the hardest thing to do in life is to say goodbye.
  • It feels good to know true freedom these days.
  • Once alcohol has taken a hold on your life it can be very much like an abusive lover….

But life after alcohol allows us to laugh more, live in the moment and look forward to a future that is within our control. Saying goodbye to alcohol helps us say hello to our future. They say it’s not something that consciously happens, and it really was out of my control. But with help from a lot of caring people, I’m taking control of my life again. As much as it hurts to walk away from you, I’ll always try to remember the good times of my life and put the bad times behind me. So it’s time I let you know that I met someone else and she promised to take care of me, and nurture me back to health.

Fentanyl and Heroin Mixture – Super-Charged Danger

You robbed me of my independence and freedom. When you first came into my life, I believed that you would help me ease all the pain I was going through. I thought that my traumatic childhood experiences would disappear thanks to you. I also thought that you goodbye letter to alcohol could ease many of the struggles of my present. This includes issues I have in my personal and professional life. I believed that the more I poured into you, the less I would have to worry about my other problems. For a while, everything seemed fine.

how to write a goodbye letter to alcohol

Personal accountability is huge during the addiction recovery process, specifically during early stages. Not only is the addiction recovery journal a great place to record feelings; it’s also a habit in itself.