Despite this lady sister’s overeager meddling, Maud ultimately decides to settle during the Ponyville, getting into a gem cavern nearby the village

In the episode New Gift of your own Maud Cake, Maud match Pinkie Cake inside Manehattan so you’re able to enjoy the annual “Cake Sisters’ Shock Swap Day”, in which they spend the time sightseeing with her and you may change gift ideas within sundown. During the her stay in Manehattan, Maud generally conveys need for rock-relevant some thing, and you may she briefly reveals a knack to own ice skating.

In the gift replace, Maud brings Pinkie a beneficial cardboard basket out of cupcake-scented confetti, and you can she obtains an alternate stone pouch to bring the girl pet Boulder from inside the. not, whenever she learns you to definitely Pinkie obtained the new wallet in return for this lady dear group canon, Maud output the wallet to get the cannon straight back. She in addition to says to Pinkie one to no matter what she obtains getting Cake Sisters’ Surprise Exchange Time, she’s going to enjoy it a lot of time as it’s given out off love.

12 months eight

When you look at the Rock solid Friendship, Maud brings in her rocktorate in the stone technology, therefore the identity from “doctor”, and you will takes into account moving to Ponyville to further her training. Because the Pinkie suggests their exactly what Ponyville has to offer, Maud befriends Starlight Glimmer and you may bonds with her more rocks and you can kite-flying.

An excellent flashback in the episode demonstrates Maud unknowingly helped Starlight for her way to establishing this lady town out-of cutie mark-reduced ponies, pointing their toward the latest cavern where she’d support the cutie scratching out of their followers.

For the Uncommon Bond, throughout the Sunburst’s stop by at Ponyville wireclub mobile, Maud will get members of the family which have your through its mutual interest in geology. She later support him get together again which have Starlight Glimmer when she feels put aside while in the his check out.

Seasons seven

Throughout the Maud Pair, Maud introduces Pinkie to help you the woman date Mudbriar. His mannerisms and you can quirks really log on to Pinkie’s nervousness, to the level in which Pinkie cannot rationalize how or as to why Maud wants him. Immediately after benefiting from advice out-of her most other siblings Limestone and you may Marble, Pinkie places up with Mudbriar because he makes Maud happy, together with around three enjoy Maud’s birthday celebration together.

Within the Phony It ‘Til You will be making It, Maud produces a good cameo as among the possible horses Rareness asks to run their Manehattan shop, Rareness To you. Maud refuses, but indicates Fluttershy, also to a lower life expectancy the total amount, Boulder. On the Break up Fall apart, Maud seems spending time with Mudbriar through the Minds and you will Hooves Time (making use of their pets Boulder and you will Twiggy which have a similar time).

In a matter of Principals, Starlight Glimmer employs Maud to be a temporary replacement professor during the the institution away from Relationship. During the Yakity-Sax, Maud transports each of Pinkie’s home back once again to the fresh new Pie family material ranch down to Pinkie temporarily relocating to Yakyakistan. Whenever Pinkie’s loved ones you will need to ask their what’s going on, she will bring very-literal approaches to their issues.

Greatest Gift Ever

On getaway unique My Little Horse Best Present Ever, Maud looks remembering Hearth’s Warming Eve along with her and you can Applejack’s family members, and you can Mudbriar. Whenever Pinkie requires this lady, Limestone and you may Marble to greatly help the woman prefer the best current for Twilight, Maud ways giving the girl a rock, even with Pinkie doubt you to Twilight create want a rock.

Season nine

Inside Sparkle’s 7, Maud appears temporarily due to the fact a beneficial “specialist” to assist which have Twilight’s heist, permitting Applejack to split a stone by shopping for the weakest spot.

Into the Student The advice, Maud and you may Mudbriar throw an associate for their members of the family in order to commemorate the Spring Solstice. Inside the class, Terramar shows up, asking for help in search of their sis Silverstream. Inside the search, the group stumble on a flock out-of Cockatrices, leading to Mudbriar are turned to stone (that produces him more desirable in the Maud’s attention). Immediately after Silverstream is found, having domesticated good Cockatrice she named “Edith”, Maud reluctantly wants Mudbriar getting restored on track.